Natural gas

natural gas
Natural Gas

Why Natural Gas

Natural gas has many benefits over traditional propane or electric solutions. For starters, natural gas products are less expensive to run due to the speed at which they heat up. Additionally, burning natural gas is much less harmful to people and the environment than propane.

Most new homes come equipped with a central gas line. Connecting your appliances, such as patio heaters and BBQ’s that previously ran on propane will help you ensure you never run out of heat in the middle of cooking or entertaining again. Additionally, once you are set up on gas, you can forget all about it. There is never a need to refill a tank or return an empty one again.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas Installation

Running natural gas lines is a job that requires expert assistance. All of our installers are trained and certified in order to ensure the safest and most efficient path to installation. Whether we are running a brand new line to your home or adding a line for a new indoor or outdoor appliance, we’ve got the tools and know how to make it happen.

Upon inspection, our team will provide a suggestion on the best solution for the specific request and will proceed with the installation after briefing you on cost and process so there are no surprises.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas Appliances

Whether you are looking to install a patio heater, BBQ, stove, fireplace or pool heater, our team of experts are ready and able to help make it happen. Gas appliances are known to heat up faster, last longer and even cook more efficiently then their electric or propane counter parts. Outfitting your home and outdoor space with natural gas appliances will be a huge upgrade to the overall function of the heating products you are used to using.

Additionally, if you are looking to switch over to gas but already have a propane BBQ you don’t want to part with, you may be able to convert it to natural gas. It’s best to contact the manufacturer in order to find out about a conversion kit. Have questions on the best brand of gas appliance or other considerations before you make your purchase? Contact our team at Pilozo and we will happily guide you based on your individual needs.

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