Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

What Causes Clogged Drains?

Imagine you had a hard day at work. You’re in the shower letting all of the stress of the day go down the drain as you enjoy the hot water rain down on you. Then, you look down and see that the water is starting to pool around your ankles rather than go down the drain. You could be dealing with a slow or clogged drain. No matter where they are located in your home, drain cleaning can help to prevent slow and clogged drains.
Think about what goes down your drain daily. For example, bathroom drains often have sticky toothpaste, hair, and other materials flowing down them. Your kitchen drain often sees items like food and grease. As time passes, these materials can get caught up in each other in the drain or lines in your home. As that happens, the space where water can pass is getting smaller and smaller. Homes with hard water can contribute to this build-up with the minerals that are in the water naturally.
Stopping Clogs Before They Start
You can work to prevent clogs from happening in your home. First, it’s essential to pay attention to what flows down into your plumbing. The simple act of using a mesh cover or stainer on your drain opening can prevent many of these clogging agents from being able to get into the drain. Be sure to clean it often as not to allow anything to work its way through the material eventually. You’ll also want to avoid pouring grease and oil into your drains.

When to Clean Your Drains

Of course, when your drain is blocked, you know that a cleaning is necessary, but some clues can tell you before you get to a full-on clog. For example, you may notice that your sink is slow to clear the water, you may notice a foul smell that’s wafting up from the drain, or when you have several clogs when your drain needs a little help to clear.

Drain Cleaning Benefits
Being proactive with prevention and having your drains cleaned regularly will result in a few benefits:
  • Your plumbing system will continue to run without any issue.
  • You’ll see a lack of odors coming from the drain and may even prevent the potential for bad conditions for indoor air quality. Also, regular drain cleaning can help avoid problems with your plumbing that could result in expensive repairs.
  • It can stop clogs from occurring and prevent sewer backup.

Professional Drain Cleaning Help

It’s perfectly reasonable to reach for a drain cleaner on the shelf to handle a simple clog, but professional cleaning is often better when it comes to your plumbing. A simple clog that keeps coming back will probably keep coming back when you use a cleaner bought at the store. Pilozo Plumbing & Gas Services can address the clog and obliterate it. Plus, using drain cleaning chemicals, especially if you find yourself reaching for them more often than not, could result in damage to your pipes. Once that occurs, you will see a more expensive plumbing bill.
When you have a clog that keeps coming back you can count on Pilozo Plumbing to get the job done. Even better, be proactive when your drains need to be cleaned. You’ll see many benefits when you let Pilozo Plumbing handle your drain issue.

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