Toilet Installation

Toilet Installation

Toilet Options

You’ve finally had enough of your old toilet. Maybe it was just leaking too much water, and you were tired of the increased cost for your water bill and needing to have the surrounding area fixed for water damage. On the other hand, perhaps you’ve decided that your old toilet was wasting too much water every time you flush, and you want to do your part for the environment. No matter the reason, having a new toilet installed is the way to go.
Did you know that there are many choices when it comes to the toilets available on the market today? Some toilets are more water-efficient, such as dual-flush toilets that let you choose the amount of water to be used depending on what’s in the bowl to be flushed. Some toilets are more accessible for those with mobility issues to use, such as comfort-height toilets. You can even get toilets that have built-in features that make them better, such as a bidet or a heated seat. There are even tankless toilets and waterless toilets available.
Giving Pilozo Plumbing a call can be an excellent way to learn about what toilet might be the best one for your particular needs to ensure that you’re getting what you need in the bathroom.

Why Rely on The Professionals?

Sure, replacing your old toilet seems like an easy enough installation. You remove the old toilet and install the new one in its place. Although this may seem like a basic repair that anyone can do, it’s often best to leave it to the professionals and get it done quickly and correctly the first time. Doing it on your own may leave you open to the potential for leaks now and later, such as if you damage the flange during the installation. Water damage, that especially occurs over a long period, can be a pain to handle. Not only do you have to replace the materials that were damaged by the water, such as your subflooring, but you also have to worry about the potential for mold. Mold can contribute to unhealthy living conditions and must be dealt with in a particular way to ensure that it’s gone

What happens if you want to change the position of the toilet or add a toilet in a new section of a home? Pilozo Plumbing is ready and able to help you get that toilet into place without any problems. You won’t have to worry about ensuring the lines are correct, dealing with leaks, or other issues that can come from installing a new toilet.


What to Expect With Your Toilet Installation

Once you’ve decided on a model for your new toilet, Pilozo Plumbing will arrive to handle the job. First, we will remove the old toilet. Next, we will prepare the area for the new toilet and run any necessary lines in case it’s in a new location. Once the site is ready, we’ll install the new toilet. Finally, we’ll ensure that the new toilet is installed correctly and working as expected before cleaning the working area. That’s it. You’ll be ready to use your new toilet.
Ready for a new toilet and need to have it installed. Let Pilozo Plumbing help you get a new toilet, so you can relax knowing you’ve found the best model for you and that it’s installed correctly.

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